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EBELLO Hardware nail sorting kit, picture nails, galvanized nails, small picture nails, 6 sizes of finished nails, wood nails, wall nails

常规价格 $599.99

Multi-Sized Selection: With six different sizes, this nail kit is prepared to handle a wide range of tasks, from the most delicate picture hanging to more substantial wood framing projects.
Galvanized for Durability: The galvanized coating on each nail provides a shield against moisture and environmental factors that could lead to rust, extending the life of your projects.
Versatile Use Cases: These nails are perfect for a myriad of applications, including woodworking, picture hanging, interior decorating, and general home maintenance.
Organized Storage: The nails come in a well-organized kit, ensuring that you can easily select the appropriate size without delay, thereby improving your workflow.
High-Quality Construction: EBELLO nails are manufactured to meet high standards of quality, ensuring that each nail drives smoothly and holds securely.