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EBELLO Stripped and pasted floor tiles vinyl flooring Wood exterior, DIY flooring for kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, basements and bathrooms

常规价格 $599.99

Realistic Wood Appearance: The high-definition printing techniques used on these vinyl tiles provide a true-to-life wood appearance, complete with natural-looking grains and textures, bringing an organic, earthy feel to your home without the cost or maintenance of real wood.
DIY Friendly Installation: The stripped-and-pasted design means you can install your new flooring with confidence, requiring no special tools or adhesives. This feature is a game-changer for those who love weekend projects and are looking to update their space without professional help.
Durability for High Traffic: EBELLO vinyl tiles are constructed with a robust wear layer that resists scuffs, scratches, and wear, making them suitable for bustling household areas. Their resilience makes them an ideal choice for families looking for a balance between style and function.
Moisture Resistance: Expertly designed to resist water, these tiles are an excellent choice for moisture-prone areas. This water-resistant quality prevents warping or damage, ensuring your flooring looks new for years to come.
Easy Maintenance: Keeping your EBELLO flooring clean is effortless. The tiles are designed to repel dust, dirt, and spills, requiring only a simple sweep or mop to stay pristine, thereby reducing your household chores.
EBELLO's Stripped and Pasted Floor Tiles, the effortlessly elegant vinyl flooring solution with a wood exterior look, tailored for the modern American home. Designed for the DIY enthusiast, this premium flooring brings the beauty of hardwood with the durability and ease of vinyl to your kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, basements, and bathrooms.
Each tile is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a realistic wood grain texture that adds warmth and sophistication to any space. The stripped-and-pasted application method simplifies installation, making it accessible to all skill levels. It's a mess-free, no-fuss solution that leaves you with a professional-quality finish.
Resilient against spills, stains, and scratches, EBELLO's vinyl tiles are built to handle the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are perfect for high-traffic areas, offering a wear layer that stands up to kids, pets, and everything in between. Moreover, they are water-resistant, ensuring they perform exceptionally well even in moisture-prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.